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using solar energy to heat the water in your geyserGet your R12,796 solar rebate from Eskom


When you install a solar water heating system, not only are you contributing towards a more sustainable future, but you can get an Eskom rebate of up to R 12,796.  Our flagship 300L solar geyser is one of the most efficient solar systems in South Africa and it carries the highest Eskom rebate available in its class. In fact, all of our solar systems from 150L to 300L qualify for Eskom rebates.


Now ask yourself.. Can you really afford not to go solar?




Solar energy for free hot watersolar energy for free hot water

The average sunny day in South Africa produces enough solar energy to heat the water in your geyser to a comfortable 55 – 65 degrees celcius. Even in Winter or in partly cloudy weather, the solar panels used in our systems are efficient enough to heat the water to an acceptable temperature.


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R12,796 – The highest Eskom rebate in its class

Aquasolar Xtream 300L solar water heating system Aquasolar offers the highest Eskom solar water heating rebate on direct systems in South Africa.   Our flagship 300L system with 2x 2.36m sq. flat solar panels carries a rebate of R12,796.  At our current pricing, that's about 40% of the cost of the solar system, fully installed!   Why such a high...

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


Eskom rebates paid the same day

Aquasolar guide to the Eskom solar water heating rebate programme At Aquasolar, you can get your Eskom rebate paid the same day.  No waiting.  No hassle.  No catch.   No, seriously.  We administer the claims process on your behalf, so that the rebate is paid upfront directly to you while we do the paperwork and deal with Eskom.  What that means is that you get your Eskom...

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


Visit our Cape Town showroom

Aquasolar Cape Town showroom Did you know that Aquasolar Cape Town has a showroom in the Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre in the Blouberg/Tableview area?   See and experience our products The showroom is spacious and inviting, and features demo systems from our flagship Aquasol product range.  You can see and feel our high quality solar water...

Monday, January 6th, 2014


NERSA allows yearly 8% electricity price increase for 2013-2018

Pay more for electricity The price of electricity in South Africa will continue to increase year-on-year from 2013-2018. The National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) announced that the price will increase 8% each year for the next five years. The increase is half the increase of 16% originally requested by the national electricity...

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

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