Electricity price increase for City of Cape Town customers

Electricity tariffs have increased in July for customers supplied by the City of Cape Town.  Customers who get their electricity directly from Eskom already experienced the full price increase in April 2011.  The City of Cape Town’s customers will only receive their price increase from July onwards.   But the good news is that “the City will not increase the tariffs by Eskom’s full 26,71% increase, but will attempt to keep the average increase to its residential electricity customers to 19,94%”, stated the City in an official post on its website.



Photo courtesy forafrica.co.za


Most residential customers will see an increase of less than 19,94%, while the few customers who use over 1000 kWh per month will be subject to above-average increases.  The City’s Electricity Department also has plans for major projects, such as:

–  the electrification of new areas to eradicate the electricity infrastructure backlog;

–  the refurbishment and renewal of electrical networks;

–  the installation of prepaid meters; provision of new electricity infrastructure; and

–  the provision of public lighting and repairs.


In addition, the City stated, “the residential electricity tariff structure has been redesigned. The current Domestic Low and Domestic High tariffs will be replaced with a single two-step block tariff (the service charge that formed part of the Domestic High tariff falls away), and another tariff block has been added to the Life Line block tariffs”. This means a gradual, progressive increase in the cost of electricity the more it is used – pay-as-you-use.

Monday, July 4th, 2011 - News

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