Electricity price increase approved


Tariff increase for electricity.

The Energy Regulator NERSA has approved an average tariff increase of 16%, effective 1st of April.


On 02 March 2012, NERSA received Eskom’s application for a review of Eskom’s tariffs for the period 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. In its application, Eskom proposed that the 25.9% average price increase as approved by NERSA for the 2012/13 financial year will be reduced by 9.9 percentage points to an average price increase of 16.0% on reduced sales volumes.

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2012/13 revised retail tariff increase


Tariff Category  Percentage Increase
Local Authority Tariff (Effective 01 July 2012) 13.5%
Non Local Authority Tariff (Effective 01 April 2012) 15.9%
Urban Tariffs 16.7%
Rural Tariffs 15.7%
Residential IBT’s (Inclining Block Tariff) 11.1%
Overall Average (all tariff categories) 16.0%


The South African government has set a target for renewable energy to contribute 10 000 giga watt hours (GWh) of final energy consumption by 2013. Solar heated geysers could contribute up to 23% towards this target.


Solar power is one of the most effective renewable energy sources available. By implementing it in water heating, we can target one of the most power-intensive household activities for maximum power saving effect.


To actively encourage and promote the widespread implementation of solar water heating, Eskom has rolled out a large-scale solar water heating programme. This programme will assist you when buying an SABS tested solar water heater to replace your conventional geyser.


In addition to the rebate that you will receive upon installation of solar water heating, many insurance companies are now allowing you to put your claim value towards a solar system or are offering solar water heaters as replacement in the event of a burst geyser.


— Official media statement issued by NERSA

For more information contact Mr Charles Hlebela, Head of Communications at NERSA Tel: 012 401 4768/083 646 8280

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