Save Water now with our Hot Summer Special

In light of the devastating water shortages in South Africa, and particularly in the Western Cape, Aquasolar has introduced a water-wise Summer promotion.  When you install a new Aquasol 200L solar water heating system, we will include two low-flow shower heads free of charge.  Offer valid until 30 April 2017.



Get two Water Saving showerheads for FREE



Low-flow shower heads are an ideal way to save water instantly.  


On average, a low-flow showerhead uses 10 litres of water per minute, as compared to normal showerheads that use between 15-30 litres of water per minute.  


With our summer special you get TWO low-flow showerheads absolutely free, including installation when you choose the Aquasol 200L system.


The Aquasol 200L system


The Aquasol 200L system is our most popular solar water heating system.  The system consists of a slimline 200L geyser and 2.4 sq. m panel.  


Standard installation has the geyser and panel on the roof (as pictured).  In-roof installation of the geyser is possible where the roof pitch and orientation allows, at an additional cost.  Standard pricing is R 20 312 (incl VAT and installation).


Get more tips on how to save water

Saving water is everyone’s responsibility.  Check out these great tips:


1.  Shower together – it saves half the water and half the time

2.  Put a bucket in the shower to collect grey water and use it to flush the loo or water the garden

3.  Put a brick in the toilet cistern to use less water per flush

4.  Use bark chips and seed pods in flower beds to retain water

5.  Use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and washing machine





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