Aquasolar is pleased to announce the availability of a warranty extension plan on the Chromagen range of solar water heating systems.  The standard 5 year warranty can now be extended to 10 years for a nominal fee.

Chromagen, established in 1962, is a world leader in the field of solar water heating systems.  Chromagen systems are available in more than 35 countries and are renowned for innovation, quality and cost saving.  It is on the basis of this superior product line that Chromagen has made a 10 year warranty available in South Africa.

Aquasolar, in co-operation with Chromagen, is offering the warranty extension plan to all customers who install a Chromagen indirect solar water heating system in South Africa.  The warranty extension plan can be purchased at the time of installation for a fee of R1500 ex VAT and applies to the solar panels and the solar geyser.

And there is good news for existing Aquasolar customers.

You too can also take advantage of this offer:

*  Customers who installed their Chromagen solar water heating system in the past 12 months can sign up immediately;
*  Chromagen solar water heating systems installed more than 12 months ago will need to undergo a maintenance service before being eligible for a warranty extension plan.

Terms and conditions apply.

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