The first thing a lot of clients ask us is how to claim their Eskom rebate.  We always tell them not to worry because we do the claim for them.  And we have never had a rebate claim rejected, ever.


But many people still want to know how the process works.  So we have prepared a crash course on the Eskom Rebate system and what to expect every step of the way.




What is the rebate?


The rebate is essentially an incentive or subsidy, which you can claim from Eskom after you install a solar water heating system that qualifies on Eskom’s solar water heating rebate programme.


What is a ceded rebate?


A ceded rebate is an Eskom rebate that is paid to you upfront, instead of after the fact.  From time to time, Aquasolar offers special deals and promotions whereby the Eskom rebate is paid to you at the time of installation.  In this case there is no need for you to claim the rebate from Eskom, as the rebate has been ceded to Aquasolar and paid to you upfront.  (Please note : Ceded rebate offers are made at the sole discretion of Aquasolar, and generally co-incide with seasonal specials and promotions such as those offered at Expos and trade shows.  If you are not sure whether your rebate has been ceded or not, please check with the Aquasolar Salesperson who issued your quotation).


How do I get my rebate?


Firstly, it’s all about the solar system, where you got it and who installed it.


This is the magic triangle of the Eskom Rebate system.  In order for your claim to qualify for an Eskom Rebate, the following base criteria must be fulfilled:

1.  The solar water heating system is approved by Eskom

2.  The solar supplier is accredited by Eskom

3.  The solar installer is registered with Eskom


If any one of these conditions is not met, then there is NO REBATE available.  Be very careful of suppliers or installers who claim to offer rebates, but are not registered with Eskom.  It is absolutely impossible to claim an Eskom Rebate if either the system, the supplier or the installer is not registered with Eskom.


Secondly, if the solar water heating system has an electrical backup, it must be fitted with an approved timer that is installed by a qualified electrician who is registered with the ECB.  This is extremely important, as the timer is installed in the DB board and only a qualified electrician may complete this type of work.  An electrical certificate of compliance (COC) must be issued for the electrical work.


Thirdly,  both the installer and the electrician must fill in their details on the Eskom Rebate claim form and sign off their portions of the installation.


Fouthly, you (the client) fill in your details, sign the form and supply us with copies of your ID, proof of address and electricity bill/prepaid purchase.  We will attach the remaining supporting documents, namely the original invoice and proof of receipt.


Lastly, we check the claim for completeness and correctness and then submit it (along with all supporting documentation) to Deloitte, the facilitating auditors who run the rebate process on behalf of Eskom.


How can I track the progress of my rebate application?

You will receive an SMS when Deloitte receives your application

You will receive an SMS when the application is approved for payment

Payment takes up to 8 weeks from the date of receipt of the application (i.e. date of the first SMS)


What if there is a problem?

In the unlikely event that there is a query on your application, you will receive an SMS or email indicating what the problem is.  If this should occur, we will immediately initiate the relevant corrective action to resolve the query and your application will be back on track in no time!


Is that it?

Yes, it really is that simple.  Which is why we tell you not to worry while we take care of the whole process for you.


These are the facts.  And don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.  Call the Eskom solar helpdesk on 011 800 4744 if you are unsure.




Click here to download the official Eskom Guide to claiming your rebate


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