Aquasolar is pleased to announce that the Eskom rebate on our 200L Chromagen flat panel solar system has recently been revised to R5,340.  The new Eskom rebate is available to all customers who have installed a 200L Chromagen solar water heating system by Aquasolar on or after the date that the rebate was revised.

The new Eskom rebate means that our 200L flat panel solar system is subsidised by nearly 30% of its value, fully installed.  The 200L solar system is a great choice for average sized families and households of up to four people.  If you are not sure what size solar system you require for your home, we will gladly advise you.  Generally speaking, if you currently have a 150L electric geyser, you should consider switching over to a 200L solar geyser.

The 200L solar system retails for approximately R19,300 including installation.  With the new Eskom rebate of R5,340 the effective cost of investment on this solar water heating system is R13,960 all inclusive.  The flat panel solar system is SABS approved and comes with a our standard 5 year warranty, and the option to extend to a 10 year warranty for an additional fee.

Pricing is dependent on completion of a site inspection, which is free of charge.

Contact us to book your site inspection