We offer a range of systems to suit your specific needs and your pocket. From complete solar systems to solar conversions for your current electric geyser or hot water system. Our systems are SABS approved; and all carry a 5 year warranty.

Solar panels and geysers

The solar panel and geyser are the main component of the solar water heating system. The panels are referred to as solar collectors. We install two main types of solar collectors – the flat plate collector and the evacuated glass tube collector.

The flat plate solar collector is the more traditional type of collector that has been around for many years.

Aquasolar Xtreme 150L solar water_heating_system This collector consists of a flat copper plate with copper pipes running over it, encased in a chromadek frame and covered with a sheet of 4mm tempered glass. This design has been around for over 30 years in countries like Australia that have a similar climate to South Africa. These panels have a proven track record and have been used extensively in South African with great success.

The evacuated tube solar collector is a newer type of collector that has created a lot of excitement in the market with its innovative design and efficiency in absorbing heat.

It consists of a series of glass vacuum tubes assembled into a panel and connected either straight into a hot water tank, or first to a manifold and then to a hot water tank. Each vacuum tube consists of two glass tubes, the outer tube is transparent, while the inner tube is coated with a special substance that maximises the absorption of solar radiation. The tubes are fused together at the top and the air is removed to create a vacuum.

The solar panel works in conjunction with a geyser that stores the hot water. It is preferable to use a solar geyser, however, certain electric geysers are suitable for conversion.

Solar geysers are specifically designed for use in a solar system. They can withstand the high temperatures that may be produced by solar water heating systems, they are also very well insulated and include extra connection points for the solar collectors.  Electric geysers on the other hand need to be converted before they can be used in a solar system, and they are not as well insulated as solar geysers.

Guideline pricing

Our product line up includes complete solar systems, as well as solar conversions for electric geysers.


Complete solar water heating systems

A complete solar water heating system consists of a solar geyser, connected to one or more solar collectors, either flat plate or evacuated tubes. Indicative pricing of these systems, fully installed and taking into account Eskom rebates where applicable is as follows: 

  150L system from R 19 500 incl. VAT and installation  
  200L system from R 22 500 incl. VAT and installation  
  300L system from R 34 500 incl. VAT and installation  


Solar conversions for existing hot water systems

In some cases your existing hot water system can be converted to a solar system by retrofitting the hot water cylinder with one or more solar collectors. Not all hot water systems are suitable for conversion – our engineers will be able to advise you on this option.

 Indicative pricing of these systems, fully installed and taking into account Eskom rebates where applicable is as follows:

Residential conversions
  150L conversion from R 13 500 incl. VAT and installation  
  200L conversion from R 14 500 incl. VAT and installation  
Commercial conversions

Contact us for more information on commercial conversions.