South Africa was expected to use 37,24 GW of electricity during the coming winter period, which would include the additional 275 MW that would be required above normal demand as a result of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Eskom Customer Network Business chief officer Erica Johnson said on Tuesday.

While the State-owned power utility was confident that it could meet this demand, Johnson stated that the country and Eskom could not be complacent and had to ensure that it was able to respond if anything changed.

She reiterated recent Eskom statements that South Africa’s electricity supply would, once again, become tight from 2011 onwards.

Eskom forecast that the country would require an additional 20 GW of installed electricity capacity by 2020 and an additional 40 GW of installed electricity capacity by 2030.

The current new build programme and some independent power producer projects could contribute an additional 14 GW of electricity by 2017.

Article by Chanel de Bruyn, courtesy of Engineering News website